How To Choose The Right Windows for Your Home

Springtime is finally upon us, and you may be turning your mind back to home improvement projects that call for warmer weather. If you’ve been considering refreshing your home’s look with new or replacement windows, this guide can help you cut through the options, save money, and find just the right windows to make your house your dream home.

The first thing to decide is whether you want new windows or replacement windows. What’s the difference? Potentially, hundreds of dollars or more. Here’s why:

  •  Replacement windows leave the window trim and frame intact and are mounted into the existing window opening. If your frames and trim are in good shape but you want a different style of window, replacement windows are a great choice. The price is comparable to new windows, but with less labor involved, the savings can be significant.
  •  Installing new windows is a much bigger job, but gives you the flexibility to redesign your home’s look. For new windows, contractors will change the shape or size of your current windows, or even cut new windows into your house. While the labor cost will grow your budget, if you want to really transform the look and feel of your house, new windows are a cost-effective way to get there.

Once you’ve determined whether to replace or buy new windows, it’s time to think about styles. The most common window in American homes is the single or double hung window. These windows have two sashes and can open by sliding the bottom sash up, or in a double hung window, by sliding either sash up or down.

Slider windows function a little like a pair of single or double hung windows set on their side, and may have a similar appearance. These windows open by sliding side to side, and can provide a more expansive view of the outdoors than other window types.

Casement windows rely on hinges and open by swinging out. They are usually operated by a lever or handle.

Aside from these common styles, there are also limitless options for customized windows to boost your home’s architectural appeal, highlight outdoor features, or otherwise fulfill your vision for your space.

Materials will be a significant consideration, with the bulk of your options being wood or vinyl. Wood, of course, has natural beauty and excellent insulation properties, but has maintenance needs that can become a frustration over time. Vinyl and vinyl clad windows offer many of the advantages and appearance of wood without the maintenance hassle. Their pricing is also competitive with wood.

Once you’ve settled on your choices of new or replacement windows, window type, and materials, you’ll have additional choices to make, and these will be very specific to your home and its location. You’ll compare numbers like the U-Factor, which tells you how good a window is at keeping heat inside. This is a very important feature in cold climates, but may matter less for a Florida beach home.

On the other hand, that Florida beach home will benefit tremendously from windows with the lowest available Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which means that the windows will help block out the sun’s heat from the interior of the house.

It’s not a small project, but whether you’re looking for enhanced energy efficiency, a quieter home, or just to amplify the natural beauty of your house and lot, new or replacement windows can make a huge difference. For peace of mind, work with an experienced, trusted window installer to turn your vision into a beautiful reality.


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