ACT Writing Prep For Better Test Results

Do you have trouble writing under pressure? Are you worried that you might freeze up when you take your college entrance exam? A good way to avoid these issues is to prepare for the test you are going to take. Preparation involves more than simply studying for the sections on the test. It also involves practicing under the same conditions as you will be taking the test. You will complete a section of a practice test in the same allotted time as you would be allowed to complete a section of the real test.

More About ACT

The ACT test or American College Testing exam is just one standardized test given to students in grade 11 or 12. This exam has been used since the 1950s. It measures five different areas of study. It covers English, math, reading, science, and writing. Writing is the only section of the exam that is optional to take.

The ACT exam is similar to the SATs. All colleges and universities in the US will accept scores from either exam. It is up to you to choose whether to take the ACT or SAT to gain admission to the college of your choice. Some students choose to take the ACT exam as preparation for the SATs. You may choose to take both if you like and use your best test results for your college application.

A key to succeeding on these exams is preparation. Many students do not do as well as they would like to on these exams because of the pressure that they feel in a test setting. Whether you thrive under pressure or you worry that you will blank out on answers because stress, it helps to take practice exams.

Decide which test you want to take. Then enroll in a test prep program. These programs give you all the practice you need to succeed.

Difference between ACT and SAT Writing Sections

The ACT test gives you an optional writing section as does the SAT. The ACT allows you 40 minutes to complete the essay and the SAT allows you 50 minutes. There are other differences to each writing test. It helps to understand these differences so you can decide whether to take one test or the other. If you choose to take both, you will know what to expect from each.

The SAT gives you a passage to read and analyze. You must write an essay that dissects the original author’s argument. You do not provide your own opinion on the content. The ACT test gives you a passage to read and analyze but you must provide your opinion on the issue using examples and clear reasoning.

If the ACT exam is best for your college admission, consider taking an ACT writing prep class. This class gives you plenty of practice for writing your essay under the same conditions you will be writing during the exam. ACT writing prep courses give you a chance to write under the same time constraints, too.

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