Benefits Of Chromebooks

If you are in the market for a brand new laptop, you might be interested in making the switch to a Chromebook. Chromebooks offer unique advantages over traditional Windows or even Mac laptops. Below, we will be going over some of the key advantages that you can get from getting a Chromebook.

Benefits Of Chromebooks:

1. Low Cost.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is the low-cost nature of the devices. Because ChromeOS is opened sourced, manufacturers do not have to pay a licensing fee in order to put ChromeOS on their devices. This alone cuts down on the total cost that you would have to expect to pay for the device because the manufacturers don’t have to account for the cost of the operating system licensing fee. If you are someone that is shopping for a laptop type device on a budget, you can’t find a much more affordable option than a Chromebook.

2. Android Apps.

Being able to use Android apps on your laptop is a huge game changer for those that do a lot of their work with apps as it is. If you are someone that uses Android for your phone, you can have seamless transitions from using one app with another. This alone is going to make a Chromebook worth it because you will be able to do all kinds of things in a familiar manner with your Chromebook that you would be able to do with your phone.

3. Features.

With a Chromebook, you will be able to leverage Google Assistant with it. This alone might make it much more desirable than a Windows or Mac based machine with less stellar assistants integrated into the OS. With Windows, you would be stuck using Cortana who is not nearly as useful.

4. Battery.

This is another big reason a lot of people are transitioning their device of choice to Google’s Chromebook because it offers much better battery life. This is primarily due to the fact that they are not running a complete and bloated operating system like Windows 10. Therefore, the OS itself is much less resource intensive which allows the device to conserve battery life at a much greater rate. Thus, if you are looking for one of the most portable laptops that you will find on the marketplace, you will want to consider a Chromebook.

5. Security.

With a Chromebook, you are getting a device that is always connected to the Internet and one that is not going to be subject to the consistent viruses and other types of malware that you have to deal with on PC. Not only do the Chromebooks themselves come with different security features that make them much more secure than your average laptop, but it offers multiple layers of protection including automatic updates, sandboxing, verified boot, data encryption, and more.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to consider straying away from the traditional Windows-based laptops and even MacBooks. If you want to get an affordable and secure laptop with exceptional battery life, you will want to get yourself a Chromebook.

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