Benefits of Self-Monitored Security Systems

Your home is a significant investment and it is where you raise your family and spend quality time with them after the hustles and bustles of life. You’ve worked hard to acquire a decent home and the valuable items you have in it. Protecting this investment is definitely a top priority. In addition, you and your family should always feel safe and protected in that one place you call home.

According to statistics, a break-in occurs every 13 seconds in the US. What’s more, over 66% of all break-ins reported are home break-ins. Most of the home break-ins tend to occur during the day when there is a reduced chance of anyone being at home. This is definitely a major issue of concern for homeowners. With the increased number of break-ins and the behavioral patterns of burglars, you definitely want to bolster your home’s security and have someone keeping an eye on your property while you are away. However, who’s better to watch over your property than yourself, the property owner.

Self-monitored security systems are one of the most effective security features to have within a home. Did you know that a home with a security system is 300% less likely to be broken into? Psychology has it that people will always portray good behavior when they know they are being watched. A security system with video surveillance is a powerful tool in deterring crime. As the name suggests, self-monitored security systems allow the homeowner to directly monitor their home’s security system. A self-monitored home security system offers you numerous benefits.

Saves On Costs

A self-monitored security system is the most viable option if you are on a tight budget. Unlike professionally monitored security systems, you are the one monitoring your system which means that there are no monthly fees or contracts. The only expenses you incur are for the purchase and installation of the security equipment. In addition, you get to own the system after you purchase, unlike the professionally monitored systems where the company may claim ownership to the system after your contract expires.

Helps Avoid False Alarms

Various factors may cause your security system to trigger false alarms. With a self-monitored security system, you’ll be alerted when the system is activated and you’ll be able to determine whether there is, indeed, a security issue or it is a false alarm before contacting the relevant authorities.

For professionally monitored security systems, in case your system triggers a false alarm and the monitoring center dispatches a response team, you might be forced to pay a fine.


Another major benefit of having a self-monitored security system is that it gives you the freedom of making changes without having to inform the vendors. You own the system and since it is also self-installed, it is easy to uninstall and install in a new room, area or even in your new home. There is no need to change your address and contact information with the security company in order to continue staying protected.

It is clear to see that self-monitored security systems are better than professionally monitored systems in a number of ways. In various situations, paying for the professionally-monitored security services doesn’t seem practical considering the convenience offered modern smart home security systems.

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