A Setting Powder Guide for Any Woman Who Wears It

When it comes to makeup, there are many different tools for one’s face. Powder, for example, comes in more than one type. There’s loose powder, pressed powder, finishing powder, and more. One kind of powder is setting powder. It’s used to lock in your foundation, eliminate oil, and keep your makeup looking fresh. Setting powder comes in two types – translucent and colored. The translucent variety sets your makeup. The colored variety sets your makeup but also does things like correct the tone and redness. Some people wear colored setting powder on its own, as well. However, if you apply setting powder incorrectly, particularly colored setting powder, you can ruin your look. For example, if you use too much, your makeup can look cakey. Here is a setting powder guide for any woman who wears it.

1. Choose the correct setting powder

Before you consider applying setting powder, it’s essential for you to choose the correct powder for your face. The best way to do this is to have a makeup consultant look at your face and pick one based on your skin tone. He or she would know the correct type and brand that would work well for you. After a makeup consultant has chosen the right setting powder for you, you can confidently purchase the powder online rather than in brick and mortar, because you know the powder will work. That said, you don’t have to choose a high-end setting powder to find a good brand. There are acceptable drugstore brands. However, it’s up to you to select the correct brand and color, and that can get tricky. Therefore, unless you’re skilled at choosing the right drugstore brand, it’s best to work with a makeup consultant at a retail store or a makeup store.

2. Choose the correct brush

The next step is to ensure that you’re using the correct brush. To apply setting powder, you’ll need a powder brush. This kind of brush has bristles that are big and fluffy. The width of the bristles packed together will be bigger than any of your other brushes. A powder brush makes sweeping setting powder across your face easy to do without overdoing the powder. You can get acceptable powder brushes at retail stores, makeup stores, drugstores and online.

3. Apply setting powder immediately after your foundation

It’s best to apply your setting powder when your foundation is still damp, not dry. Apply setting powder to damp foundation will set the foundation better. However, ensure that your foundation is blended correctly and applied before the setting powder. There should be no areas on your face where the foundation is too heavy. Blend it in well.

4. Make sure you’ve applied a light, even layer of setting powder

Setting powder should not be applied heavily. As mentioned above, you risk a cakey looking face. Apply a thin layer of setting powder evenly across your face for the best look.

Setting powder is an excellent addition to your makeup routine. Correctly applied it gives you a finished look and makes your face look beautiful and bright.

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