Materials and Chambers for Stormwater Systems

One of the biggest aspects of developing the commercial or residential property is handling stormwater runoff. This water does not get treated the same way wastewater does but it can become polluted and it can contaminate soil and bodies of water. You have a responsibility to find the best chambers for stormwater management that you can. There are a host of different materials to choose for your new system and each of them has its own distinct advantages.

Building Stormwater Chambers versus Ponds

Why choose chambers over other detention and retention systems such as ponds? Ponds are an attractive feature to add to any residential or commercial building structure. They do add beauty to the outdoor space and may even help contribute to the ecological system but they have disadvantages that chambers don’t have.

They can attract pathogens and bacteria. They can flood, too. The whole point of good storm water runoff management is keeping that water from contaminating things nearby. It is also meant to prevent flooding.

Chambers give you the option to install your storm water system above ground or underground. Chambers for stormwater systems can be made to filter out pathogens and bacteria and infiltrate the nearby soil so that the above-ground landscape is kept green and healthy. These chambers are better than regular pipe systems and you can choose from several different materials including recycled or green materials.

When you decide to get an underground chamber system you are saving the land above from being used for the stormwater chamber installation. You can opt to install them above ground but if you want to maximize land, your chambers can be placed underground. Choose from fiberglass, aluminum, concrete or recycled plastic materials.

All materials are durable and long-lasting. Recycled or green plastics are excellent at being tiered or configured in any manner that suits the development. They are lightweight and flexible. Check with specific manufacturers for more details about their benefits and how they can be used to enhance your property.

Any system can be built so that the water going into the system can be introduced back into the soil. Open-bottom chambers are also available. These offer maximum water capacity. They also infiltrate the soil better than traditional pipe systems do.

If chambers sound better to you than retention ponds then start now to work with an engineering firm. They can help you arrange a system that will maximize all the land you have to work with while ensuring that the complex remains free of contaminated storm water or pathogens. These systems can contain large amounts of water so you can be sure your complex will remain free of flooding.

Your new complex will be safe, attractive and will remain clean and in good condition for decades. You have a variety of materials to choose for stormwater chambers. Choose the one that works best for your project as well as for your budget. Your engineering team can help you install the system in the best arrangement possible.

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