Military Fellowship Opportunities for Veterans and Active-Duty Personnel

Is your career in the military coming to a close and you are looking for new direction and opportunities? Military Fellowships can provide assistance with education, direction, and opportunity. Some fellowships can be taken advantage of while you are still on active-duty. Let’s explore a few fellowships.

Hiring Our Heroes

One intriguing fellowship is the Hiring Our Heroes program which holds programs scattered around the country to help active-duty service members and their families transition back into civilian life. The fellowship is a 12-week program. It pairs the service members with select companies near the base to help them learn new skills and prepare for their new life.

The program combines both classroom training and on-the-job experiences to give service members the skills and confidence they need.

RAND Fellowship

The RAND Corporation has created one of the most intensive military fellowships for active-duty service members. It is a one year program based in Santa Monica. This fellowship is only offered to qualified officers. The officers are immersed in the RAND research community. They participate in research, meetings, and seminars to get a full understanding of how this major military partner works.

White House Fellowship

Are you interested in politics? The White House Fellowship gives military personnel the opportunity to get deeply involved in the inner workings of our government in the White House. It is a one-year fellowship where you are paired up with senior White House staff and learn how our country works from the inside. You participate in educational programs, round-table discussions, and may even be asked to travel to domestic and international destinations for meetings.

VFW-SVA Legislative Fellowship

Are you already out of the military but still want to learn more about politics from the inside? The VFW-SVA Legislative Fellowship is available to VFW members who are currently enrolled in college. They are given the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. to work alongside VFW staff to advocate for the rights of veterans and military service members.

Tillman Scholars Program – Were you an outstanding military service member or officer? The Tillman Scholars Program is a fellowship that helps you take your excellence to a new level by providing scholarships, training, and support to help you excel in either the private or public sector. The fellowship is available to current service members, veterans, and military spouses.

CFR Military Fellowship – Every year some of the finest officers from every branch of the military are nominated for this special fellowship. The CFR Military Fellowship is an intense program designed to train officers on the intricacies of international relations. The fellowship training is done at the CFR Headquarters located in New York. The program lasts an entire year.

Mission Continues Fellowship – Do you want to continue to serve but in new capacity? The Mission Continues Fellowship helps post 9/11 veterans to serve their country in a new way. You will be tasked with helping at a non-profit organization for 20 hours per week for 26 weeks. The fellowship suggests teaming up with a non-profit group you feel passionate about. Fellows in the program receive network opportunities which can lead to great new careers. You get the opportunity to meet with other veterans for training and sharing. The program pays a cost-of-living stipend to make it possible for you to participate.

Military fellowships come in many forms, designed to help both veteran and active-duty service members. This is just a small sample of fellowships available.

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