Spring Maintenance Checklist

April is always a motivating month to get some spring cleaning done. Our winterized home starts looking a bit dull and drab as the sun starts shining and flowers begin blooming. Here are six ways to bring your home back to life this spring.

  1. Dust off your tools. Your spring home maintenance checklist starts in the tool shed. Dust off the equipment you retired for winter and get ready for home repair and renovation projects that await your expertise this summer. Donate duplicate tools and jot down which ones you’re missing.
  2. Reclaim the garage. All too often, the garage becomes a dumping ground for cardboard boxes, scattered sports equipment, rusty tools, holiday decor, and more. Take advantage of the next rainy weekend by clearing out the clutter that has piled up over the past six months. Organize your storage and make way for your vehicle to actually park inside once again.
  3. Spray for pests. April showers bring May flowers … and bugs … and rodents. Pretreat the perimeter of your house—inside and out—as well as your yard to keep pesky critters out.
  4. Plan your garden. Think of your spring lawn as a blank canvas. A helpful exercise may be to physically put pen to paper and draft a blueprint of what you envision your summer landscape to grow into. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a major chore either. Research plants before bringing them home to make sure they’re low maintenance and minimally invasive. If there are certain pests that are popular to your area, such as mosquitos or snakes, strategically plant a garden that naturally deters these creatures.
  5. Inspect your home from top to bottom. This means clearing gutters and checking the siding and roof for nail pops before moisture wreaks havoc on your home’s structure. It also means replacing window screens and storm doors as well as checking the seals and weatherstripping to keep cool air from escaping in the heat of summer.
  6. Address allergens. ‘Tis the season for pollen—and lots of it. House Method advises all homeowners, but especially allergy suffers, to replace the air filters in their HVAC system and to buy a new vacuum with a HEPA filter. These filters trap airborne dander, dirt, and dust and keep allergens at bay.

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