Strategies To Get A Perfect Score On ACT English

If you are scoring between 26 and 33 on ACT English, you may want to increase this. Getting a perfect 36 will not be easy, but it can be achievable. If you want to improve your score and your chances of getting into a top university, there are some strategies that you should use.

Know When To Focus

If you are already scoring 34 or 35 on ACT English, you generally do not have to push for a perfect score. You are already past the score threshold for the top 10 colleges. However, if you are getting below 34, you need to focus on improving. There is a major difference between 32 and 34 because a lot of applicants will have a 32.

Getting a high score on ACT English will also help you compensate for any weaknesses in other areas. Most schools will take your ACT composite score into consideration instead of the individual ones. When you get 34 or more on English, this will give you some flexibility in the other sections.

Know Your High-Level Weakness

When it comes to taking the test, everyone will have a different high-level weakness. Some people have problems understanding the grammar material while others cannot solve the questions quickly enough. You need to know what your weakness is before you enter the test room.

To find your weakness, you should take only the English part of a practice test. Provide yourself with 45 minutes and then take the test under this time constraint. If the time runs out and you are not done, you should keep working but mark all answers as extra time ones. If you did not need any extra time, but your score is low, time management is not your weakness.

Practice As Much As Possible

Practice tests are the only way you are going to know if you need to focus more on the section or not. You will also find out what parts of the subject matter you need to look at. While completing the practice test is important, you also need to be ruthless in your assessment of your mistakes.

You need to fully understand the mistake you made because it happens for a reason. You may not have understood the questions and you need to determine why. You might not know the underlying grammar rules being tested and need to study this subject more.

The more you practice, the better your understanding of your weaknesses will be. When you know your weaknesses, you can address them and you need to do this. One mistake on the test could be the difference between getting a 36 and not.

Getting a perfect score on the ACT English test is hard, but it is possible. To achieve this, you need to know what your weaknesses are and take the time to address this. Taking practice tests under a time constraint is one of the best ways to determine what you need to focus on. It is important to remember that this is different for everyone and you need to focus on your own needs.

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