The Best Choices When Buying A Mattress On A Budget

There comes a time when we simply have to buy a new mattress. It may be because our existing mattress has reached the end of its useful life our because we are first-time homeowners or renters, there could be any number of reasons. However, buying a mattress can be an expensive business. There are well know mattress brands out there which sell models in the mid-price range of $3,000. However, is it really necessary to buy such an expensive furniture item? The answer seems to be no – there are much cheaper alternatives on the market – and some of them have received excellent user reviews.

One of the best options when considering a bed on a budget is to opt for memory foam. There are some brilliant choices and new memory foam technology means that these beds compare very favorably with Spring types when it comes to comfort and support.

Let’s look at some of the more better products that are available when buying a mattress on a budget.

1. Tuft&Needle.

This company was one of the first pioneers of the ‘Bed in a Box’ concept that took the American market by storm. Their original model is still a bestseller – but they have augmented that with a luxury offering at about $200 more. The ‘King Mint’ is a fabulous choice for those in search of a neutral support bed – in fact, it is difficult to find another bed that boasts this sort of pedigree and comfort.

2. The Lucid ‘Memory Foam Hybrid’ Range.

It’s always difficult to argue with a great Amazon rating – and the Lucid mattresses are among the most popular with users of the online retail giant’s portal. As a great bonus, this is a series of mattresses which offers some of the best value for money in the category. Starting from a Twin XL at around $280 to the incredible Medium Plush offering which has a hybrid mix of gel memory foam, and charcoal infused bamboo memory foam it’s hard to see where you are going to get a better quality budget bargain than from Lucid.

3. BB Signature.

If you are on the heavy side then the Signature Series might be just perfect. It’s a hybrid offering that uses pocketed coil technology to provide a more supportive, yet still neutral sleep experience. It is available in three different options as far as firmness is concerned. This is one of the more expensive of the budget type mattresses. Buyer can expect to pay around $950.

4. Purple.

This bed is quite literally cool. It is one of the best memory foam type products on the market when it comes to airflow – so is ideal for people who really feel the heat at night. It boasts cutting edge technology and a variety of layers to ease pressure on different parts of the body leading to a great night’s sleep. The original is also what might be called a ‘premium brand budget mattress’. Buyers can expect to spend around $900.

It is not necessary to break the bank when buying a new mattress – doing some simple research when buying a mattress on a budget will reveal that there are some great mattresses out there at some exceptional prices.

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