Aviator Sunglasses Today

There possibly may be no sunglasses style more classic than the aviator. Aviator sunglasses were first designed in the 1930s. They were created to be a different option for eye protection for those who were pilots in the military. A pilot at that time felt his goggles were ineffective at preventing glare. Bausch and Lomb designed a pair that combined safety and fashion.

Aviators became more popular when many news outlets reported pictures of many war heroes sporting the frames as they helped America win freedom in the war. Later, many celebrities including Paul McCartney were spotted wearing the frames. Perhaps the most iconic celebrity to sport aviator sunglasses were Tom Cruise in the Top Gun movie.

Aviators are a great choice for those who are looking to balance out an outfit. They give an ultra-feminine outfit the perfect amount of edge. They instantly pull together any look making it sporty but trendy. Top celebrities like the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and even political figures have been wearing the particular style for years.

Today, the aviator sunglasses trend is still happening. It is not uncommon to see high fashion models sport a pair of aviators on the runway. Aviators are very effective at combining a sporty with fashion. They are light weight but oversized and very comfortable. High-end and low-end retailers alike sell countless pairs. The aviators today are simpler than in seasons past. They are focused on a large shape with a pared back frame. Trends include different color lenses and metallic frames. Here are some of the top styles of aviators today:

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Really you can’t go wrong with this pair of aviators. This classic teardrop shape is what military pilots really wore in the 1930s. They have shown for decades to never go out of style. While they are a bit pricey, they truly are a pair you will wear for years to come.

Aviators with Amber Lenses

Amber lenses are all the rage right now and for good reason. Amber lenses have proven to be an effective way to block out excessive blue light. This can ultimately lead to improving sleep. Also, they look great especially paired with a gold lens.

Blue Lenses

Blue lensed aviators are a great way to spice up the traditional sunglass. Celebrities and influencers have really been sporting the blue lens aviator look. They are a great way to welcome in spring with a fresh new style.

Silver Lenses

It is clear that the look of the 80’s is here to stay. Metallic is the perfect way to incorporate this style into your sunglasses game. This type of look marries the classic 70’s aviator with the bold aesthetic of the 1980s.

The sunglasses market is supposed to grow as much as 20 percent in the next 2 years. This just shows how important of an accessory eyewear has become. Invest in a pair of aviators that will truly stand the test of time. You won’t regret it as you enjoy them for many seasons to come.

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