Transitioning Dog To New Food: A Helpful Guide

Have you decided that you want to feed your dog a new food? Do you want to make sure that when you feed your dog you are giving him the best chance to properly digest the food and be as healthy has possible? Dogs can have sensitive digestive systems so making sure that you have them on a good feeding regimen is very important. You can do this by transitioning dog to new food in the proper way. There is a good way to do this and it will be discussed in the following article. Continue reading for tips that you can use when you are looking to get your dog started on eating a new food.

First of all, you will want to decide when you want to start transitioning dog to new food. There are many factors to consider in this decision. You will want to think about if you have already found the new dog food and if you have it. Also, you should think about if you will be with your dog or if there is someone you trust to help you with the transition process for the next month or so. Having a good start time will help you as you decide how to go about transitioning your dog to a new food.

Then, you will set a schedule for the transition of the new dog food. You will continue feeding your dog the current food and slowly add in the new food. How you do this will depend on your dog and how they are reacting to the new food. Each day you will want to add in a small amount of the new food and remove a small amount of the old food. It is important that you do this slowly and carefully. The amounts of the food will depend on your dog’s size and how well they are responding to the combination.

As you consider the transition of feeding your dog the new food, you should pay attention to how they are reacting. You should think about how well they are going to the bathroom and if it is easier or harder than normal. If your dog is not able to go to the bathroom like they should, you should slow down and possibly reconsider the transition. You should also pay attention to how your dog is acting. Are they as playful as they should be or are they more lethargic? If you are worried about how they are acting, this is also a sign to reconsider the transition.

To conclude, when you are looking to transition your dog to a brand new dog food, there are some different things that you will want to think about. The transition should be a slow one in which you pay attention to your dog and how they are reacting to the new food you are feeding them. Also, you should carefully consider these changes so you are able to provide your dog with the food that you are interested in feeding them.

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