What Is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is Disney’s streaming service geared towards sports enthusiasts. It is not meant to be a stand-alone streaming service nor is it meant to replace your traditional ESPN cable channel. Instead, as its name implies, is meant to provide added content and value. It is meant to give users the ability to access additional ESPN content and live programs through the ESPN app and website. Below, we will be going over some information about it, what you get, and who might want it.

What Is ESPN+? What Do You Get?

With ESPN+, you get a variety of different live sports. The live programming you get is chosen at random. Therefore, it is more for those that enjoy watching different sports rather than someone looking for specific content. You will get a variety of live games, matches, and content including but not limited to MLB, MLS, NHL, and NBA games. You will also be able to access UFC’s premium pay per view matches on it but it will cost an additional amount per event.

What Is ESPN+? Who Is The ESPN+ Service Really Targeted At?

1. Love Sports.

If you are someone that absolutely loves sports, this is a great service because it will provide you with all kinds of access to different sports programming. The only downside is not being able to choose from the games or matches that air. Therefore, you will want to be a general fan of sports more than a fan of a specific team if you want to really get the most enjoyment out of this app/service.

2. Must-Have For UFC Fans.

Because ESPN scored the exclusive rights to UFC pay per view events, it means that you are going to have to subscribe to ESPN+ if you want to be able to stream the event. If you are looking to stream it rather than watch on your traditional cable TV service, you will need to sign up for ESPN+ and pay for the specific event that you want to stream. This makes the app and services an absolute must-have for UFC fans that want to get into streaming the events.

3. Sports Radio and Podcasts.

If you are a sports fan, you will also gain access to all kinds of sports-centric talk shows, radio, and podcasts.

4. Those That Want It’s Original Programming.

ESPN is also releasing all kinds of original programming with its ESPN+ subscription. You will find a variety of original shows including shows from Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning. Their original programming is starting to get kicked into gear and many are enjoying it.

Overall, there are plenty of different things to like about ESPN+. Not only is it a good addition to any sports fans entertainment center due to the live sports showings, but they are really starting to offer high-quality original programming. The downside is that it doesn’t replace your ESPN cable channel and the fact that you are not able to choose the live sports events that you get to watch with the service.

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