Which Affordable Wines Are Best To Start Off Your Red Wine Collection?

The sheer number of different wine producers that are today supplying wines of many different types to consumers all over the world is today simply staggering. New production techniques and the increasing amount of land across the globe devoted to the growing of grapes for the production of wine are also both playing their parts in increasing wine production. So robust is the growth of the wine market that global sales of wine are expected to be worth in the region of $423.59 billion by the end of 2023, with the United States leading the pack as far as the consumption of both red and white wine is concerned.

One of the welcome knock-on effects of this rapid growth (at least for consumers) is increased competition which exerts downward pressure on prices. Quality wine is now cheaper than it has ever been. For those who want to start off building a wine collection, affordable wines make this easier and more economical than ever before.

However – the challenge is the sheer choice of affordable wines that are today available. Although of course, that choice is something to make even the experienced collector’s heart sing, for the novice it may lead to confusion. In order to make the choice of which wines to initially purchase that little bit easier here are some wonderful wines which will form the perfect foundation of a growing wine cellar collection – and as a bonus, many of these red wines will reward aging (even if it is at the bottom of a cool cupboard).

1. Château Saransot-Dupré 2016 Listrac-Médoc.

This is the perfect example of a wine that is an exceptionally good value for money and will reward some patience while it ages in a cool, dark place. The wine, which is produced in the Listrac-Médoc region of Bordeaux features typically dry tannins with a rich blackberry forward flavor and plenty of acidity. Experts agree that it should be kept lying down until at least 2023 – so it will reward patience – and at around $22 a bottle, you can afford to display some patience.

2. Château de Marsan 2016 Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux.

Another great French wine that will reward aging until around 2022. At $18 it is difficult to imagine that better value can be found – even is it is not immediately quaffable it is a great investment. The taste is rich and smoky featuring accents of ripe fruit, blackberry and plum.

3. The Kangarilla Road 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hailing from South Australia this is a wine that can only be described as ‘muscular.’ It overflows with rich cherry and blackberry flavor and has intriguing hints of cola and Eucalyptus. Acidity is just right and the heaviness of the fruit is perfect to balance out the big tannins and weighty oak. However, this is a $24 wine that really requires patience in order for it to deliver. It is best enjoyed close to 2030.

The global market for red wines is growing exponentially – and the joy of delayed gratification should not be underestimated. Collecting these affordable red wines provides the perfect platform for a growing collection – especially seeing as many of them almost forced the aspirant collector to keep them around for a while rather than enjoying them immediately.

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