Why The Chefs At Universities Have Such A Challenging Job

Being a chef always requires a lot of hard work. Kitchens can be hot, and you need to work quickly. However, the chefs at universities have a particularly challenging job. Here’s why their work is so difficult.

They Have To Cook For Many People

Colleges enroll thousands of students every semester. Many of these students are on meal plans, and chefs have to provide more than enough food for all of them. They have tons of cooking to do, and they have to do that work every single day.

Cooking for one person might not be a big deal, but cooking for a thousand people is a massive undertaking. While there are a lot of different chefs working in any university kitchen, they still have a ton of work to do.

They Need To Provide Food All Day Long

Students don’t just eat one meal a day. Students come into the cafeteria all day long. Whether they’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack, the university cafeteria needs to be stocked with food over the course of the day.

This means that the chefs always have lots of work to do. Once they have all of the breakfast food out, they need to start getting ready for lunch. This can be a grueling job, especially at a larger university. It’s common for schools to split shifts so that the chefs preparing breakfast aren’t necessarily the ones that are making dinner.

They Have To Take Many Dietary Concerns Into Account

These chefs have to be able to feed every single student at the university, including the ones with dietary restrictions. They need to have food that can be eaten by students with celiac disorder, and they need to have food for students that follow a kosher diet.

This means that chefs can’t get away with making the same thing for every student that they’re cooking for. They need to make numerous dishes so that every single student has options. This means that menu planning can be a huge challenge.

Chefs At Universities Have To Work As A Team

Obviously, cooking at a university is far too much work for a single person to do the job. This means that every school has numerous chefs. The chefs at these schools need to learn to work with each other so that the students can be fed.

Having more workers might seem like it would make the job easier. However, having to work with other people can actually be a challenge. When you’re a chef at a college, you have to depend on your co-workers for many things. If one of them is out sick, it could create massive issues for you.

The chefs at universities definitely don’t have an easy job. If you haven’t taken the time to appreciate university chefs and everything they do, you should do that now. Whether you’re a current student or someone that graduated years ago, you’ve benefited from all of the hard work that these chefs have put into their jobs.

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